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New years!

January 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I know I said I would post again soon, but the holiday stuff really piled on.

I mean it’s super busy and stuff, and I even missed The last critical mass of the year! Shooott.. And then I saw a group riding out on New Year’s Eve and I was totally jealous that I have no idea what was that. I mean I looked around, and I thought it might be the midnight ride, but it isn’t. Bike Party? I think it’s a little too early for Bike Party. I guess it was a little mini Critical Mass. If someone knows, let me in on that…

Moving on, I finally also got around to cleaning my bike. Took longer than I expected since I tried something new, but I learned and hopefully I can get my routine down to 30 minutes. Mighty hard though without a bike stand, but I guess that’s what I get for not being richy rich with the bike gear. I hate how everything is so freaking expensive.

What do I have coming this week?

Not a lot of biking sadly, free museum runs with friends, biking going into the shop for a checkup. I swear it has developed some strange squeak that can’t be good….


Critical Mass August 2011

August 26, 2011 Leave a comment

So, today was really a mixed bag of good and bad. First I’ll go over the bad because it really blew. Got two flats today both in my rear tire. One when I was leaving my home, and gotten about 4 blocks. The second when I was coming home at about 6 blocks away. Didn’t have my hand pump on me so I had to really dig in and just suck it up on the walk.

So, with the crappy stuff out-of-the-way, Critical Mass was pretty fun. I think I’ll try to attend more of the events, but I think that it does need a bit more structure, or at least people to follow the established rules. The police know the run-down on critical mass and are very ready to try to ‘guide’ us along. It does not help if the people on the front break away, and don’t bother looking back to the people behind them to make sure they are staying up. It happened this time about 30 minutes into the ride, and we all really needed a re-group; especially after going up riding up Dolores st, and down Market. We really needed a re-group point, but I guess it was ok the faster people to go flying off. All in all, a very fun ride, and I recommend anyone int he city to at least try it once. Just about anyone can do it. The pace was very slow and I always felt like it was moving too slow but was definitely not trying to push people to go faster. Gotta stick with the pack right!? My only minor gripe is that there’s a lot of people who attend Critical Mass so it can feel like we don’t have enough room to comfortably ride.

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