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New years!

I know I said I would post again soon, but the holiday stuff really piled on.

I mean it’s super busy and stuff, and I even missed The last critical mass of the year! Shooott.. And then I saw a group riding out on New Year’s Eve and I was totally jealous that I have no idea what was that. I mean I looked around, and I thought it might be the midnight ride, but it isn’t. Bike Party? I think it’s a little too early for Bike Party. I guess it was a little mini Critical Mass. If someone knows, let me in on that…

Moving on, I finally also got around to cleaning my bike. Took longer than I expected since I tried something new, but I learned and hopefully I can get my routine down to 30 minutes. Mighty hard though without a bike stand, but I guess that’s what I get for not being richy rich with the bike gear. I hate how everything is so freaking expensive.

What do I have coming this week?

Not a lot of biking sadly, free museum runs with friends, biking going into the shop for a checkup. I swear it has developed some strange squeak that can’t be good….

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