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Bike Kitchen Arrgs!

So I guess I Am going to make this short and sweet because I should already be in bed tomorrow because of early morning wake ups.

I was riding along today, once again searching for the Bike Kitchen in San Francisco. I sadly have to say that I apparently missed it twice as I ride up and down the street it is on, and I am going to have to say it’s due to improper signage of the place. The place that it should be at on google maps looks like it’s a pretty concealed place and suppose to be some sort of well-kept secret. I don’t get it personally, but I saw some pictures of the old place it was at and you definitely knew you were at the Bike Kitchen. This new place? Not so much and I guess I will have to really study these google images before making a third attempt.

Come on Bike Kitchen I want to visit you, but stop hiding already! It is kind of fun I guess, cruising around a half residential, half commercial area. I mean it wasn’t run down or anything, the neighborhood seems pretty chill with cafes even on the corner. Ahh well, still psyched about critical mass and it’s coming soon; woop!

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